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Been reading a great series recently. Yeah, I know, it's technically a comic book, so it's not nearly as academic or intellectual as it could be, but as far as comics go, it's pretty edgy, heady and "mature." The book is FABLES and is released by the "mature readers only" imprint of DC Comics. This is the same imprint that brought comic fans Sandman and Hellblazer, so they've been doing this sorta thang for a while. The concept is simple and cool. Fairytale characters have been expelled from thier world and now live, in hiding, among "Mundanes," or as you've guessed it, human beings. Mundanes and muggles, eh? And while we're blogging about Harry P, did anybody have a problem with the Hogwartian boys' hair length in that last film? Did anybody even notice the hair length? How could you not? Is it going to get even longer? Where do we go from here? Check it out on video (good movie, so even if you don't care about teenage boys' haircuts, you'll get something out of the 2+ hour experience) and just look at all the moptops. Totally British. I guess. Stupid wankers. Am I scraping the surface on some hostility here? All I know is, and I don't quite know why, I haven't cut my hair since I saw that movie and i can only pray that it will be long enough in time for the the next film. I may not always now why, but i follow the pack when I know it's time. Go read FABLES!


Blogger tinkytonk said...

I want to read, now

10:07 AM  
Anonymous np said...

YO!! you took down gibson's video!

1:12 PM  
Blogger lil louie b said...

I resent your anti-british sentiments. Long Live the Queen!

11:07 AM  

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