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So I've been completely out of the bloggin' loop lately. But let me take this opportunity to rap about a major new event in my life: karaoke singing. Rolled by the hoppin' joint, Millbrae Karaoke, with a bottle of hooch and seven of my closest. Things starting off when Gibson busted a sweet rendition of "In da Club" and Heloise backed that up with her best Beyonce imopression on "Survivor." By the way, "Survivor" has arguably the unintentonally funniest stanza of lyrics in modern hip-hop (which is saying a alot) when we're cherished with lines about Beyonce's christianity and slamming fools on the internet. I guess her mom raised her not to trash people over email or on blogs. Shiiiiit. I'm bloggin' about blogs, again.

So you wanna know my set-list? OK, here she is:
1. All Night Long (Lionel Richie)
2. Faithfully (Journey)
3. Africa (Toto)
4. Without Me (Eminem)
5. Daniel (Elton John)

I guess after persuing that list you can sympathize with the listeners. Not only am I not a classically-trained vocalist, but I just kinda suck at singing. So next time, maybe I'll try something more in my range, whatever that means.